This file is for those HP Notebook computers.
HP notebook computers are created for use in standard office, home or school environments. Under these circumstances and also adopting the recommendations in this particular document, your HP notebook must show absolutely no threat for you or maybe its surroundings. Nevertheless, typical notebook usage generates heat and requires energy, therefore right precautions must be looked at to avoid private or maybe home damage. This document outlines simple guidelines for right usage of a notebook pc. For much more comprehensive info, please look at the Comfort and Safety guide offered with the item and also the HP Ergonomics Guide.
While safety is a crucial concern, you too want to get the best out of the notebook of yours and avoid expensive repairs. Adopting the recommendations and safety measures in this particular document, your HP notebook is able to offer many years of trouble free operation.
WARNING: To lessen the possibility of heat related injuries or of overheating the pc, don’t put the computer directly on the lap of yours or obstruct the pc air vents. Make use of the computer just on a tough, flat surface. Don’t let an additional hard covering, like an adjoining optional printer, or maybe a gentle covering, like pillows or maybe clothes or rugs, to block airflow. Additionally, don’t let the AC adapter to contact skin or maybe a gentle covering, like pillows or maybe clothes or rugs, during operation. The pc and the AC adapter comply with the user accessible surface temperature limits identified by the International Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment (IEC 60950).
Green strategies for HP notebooks You are able to considerably decrease risks for your notebook personal computer by focusing on the planet around it. See a section below for basic green safeguards you are able to get to assist your notebook computer perform as intended.
Use the notebook of yours on a hard surface, like a table, tray, and table
Store or use the notebook of yours in environments which conform to temperature and moisture specifications
Use or even store the notebook in a thoroughly clean environment
Use clean hands while utilizing the notebook
Keep all fluids far from the keyboard
Store the notebook on a hard level surface
Use only the most appropriate input or stylus device on tablet PCs
Electrical tips for HP notebooks Proper maintenance of the notebook’s power components, like the electrical power adapter and electric power cable, will keep both both you and your notebook safe from possible damage. Don’t do anything with all the notebook or maybe its components that you’d never do with various other kinds of electric devices.
Use just the power adapter which came together with your HP notebook
Always plug the notebook power cord of yours right into a grounded outlet
Nearly always place your notebook power cord loosely in a bundle
Do not cover your notebook power cord around the electrical power adapter or perhaps some other object
Make use of the notebook power adapter on a tough, flat surface
Transportation tips for HP notebooks Most notebooks are created for quick portability, but that doesn’t cause them to become immune to transportation mishaps. In case you work out care with the way you tackle the notebook, you are able to decrease the chance of crashes.
Turn down your notebook computer before transporting
Carry your notebook responsibly
Completely close the notebook lid before carrying it
Carry the notebook securely
Don’t overload the briefcase or even backpack
Unplug all the cables and peripheral equipment before moving a notebook
Try using a security unit when making use of a notebook in a public location
Battery tips for HP notebooks It’s essential to always be conscious of methods you are able to take care of the battery power inside your notebook computer system. Certain conditions may well lessen battery run time and life span.
For detailed info about battery performance, reference Improving Battery Performance (Windows eight, seven, Vista).
Plug the AC power cord into the notebook overnight
Periodically enable the notebook battery to drain completely
Use the HP recommended power management when operating on battery power
Cleaning up tips for HP notebooks Dust, soil, ash, pet hair, and many other contaminants are able to build up on or even inside the notebook of yours, causing scratches or perhaps overheating. You are able to lengthen the lifespan of the notebook of yours by detatching potentially damaging buildup. Clean the notebook of yours on a consistent schedule.  ikea Abu Dhabi

HP recommends the following cleaning materials: Compressed air spray, that can be purchased from the majority of pc retailers.
For detailed info about always keeping your notebook thoroughly clean, send to Cleaning your Notebook PC.
Cleaning solution or even monitor wipes designed for use on LCD screens, and they can be purchased from the majority of pc retailers.
A fresh, soft cotton cloth; the kind of cleaning towel being used for eyeglasses is preferable. For cleaning areas including the HP webcam lens, make use of a micro fiber screen dusting cloth.